Friday, August 17, 2007

Cultural Heritage

There are all kinds of Sven and Ole jokes in Minnesota. This sign hangs above a popular local restaurant in Grand Marais on the North Shore. A little bit of Minnesota culture for you to enjoy!


  1. I googled Sven and Ole and found some very funny jokes. I liked this one a lot:

    Sven was buying his first TV. He went into the furniture shop where Ole worked as a salesman. "I vant to buy that nice TV over dere" Sven said.

    "Sorry, ve don't sell TV's to Svedes" Ole said.

    Sven was flabbergasted but refused to give up so easily. He bought himself a very expensive disguise complete with the outfit, the hairstyle and even learned a new accent. He came back to the furniture shop.

    "Hey, man, be cool. I really dig that TV there. How much you want for it, cat?" Sven asked.

    Ole didn't pause in his response. "Sorry, ve don't sell TV's to Svedes!"

    Sven was flabbergasted and more determined than ever. He went to a neighboring city and bought another disguise and learned another new accent. He came back to the furniture shop. "Howdy, partner, I'd sure like to purr-chess that TV yonder, wa-ja say?" Sven asked.

    Ole again immediately responded, "Sorry, ve don't sell TV's to Svedes!"

    Sven stepped back, ripped off his mask, and demanded, "Hey, how in de vurld did you know I'm a Svede?"

    "Vell, first of all, yong man, dat ees a micro vave offen."

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I've been there! You're in one of my favorite spots on earth (the area, not the restaurant).

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Looks like they sell everything good to eat.

    I have enjoyed your post today.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Does the pizza have lutefisk on it?
    Great sign Kate.

  5. I came to ask Kate from a S&O joke. so thank you to fenix for posting one.

    Kate, what is one of your favorite S&O jokes?

  6. That's a big sandwich, uffda!

  7. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Just saw this one. Now I want to go. Bye :)

  8. As a Swede, a real pleasure to see this post - and read the comments and jokes!

  9. I agree with Peter. Sven is one of the most popular names in Sweden. Don't ask me why. I think it's kind of corny.

  10. I recently saw the same joke about somebody else. Don't remember who was in cause.
    Are there many Swedish immigrants in the Minnesota? Or should I say, were there...


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