Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Real Bargain!


  1. c'est 2295$ où 22.95$ ?
    it is 2295$ where 22.95$?

  2. If this is "rare", I'd like to see the "well-done" one ;-)

  3. Wow, i read $2295.00! makes me wonder what my nearly 40 yr old acoustic is worth?

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me your best wishes. It's very much appreciated!

  4. Kate! Just looked at your email from last night....sorry I wasn't around to assist-but it sounds like many others had the same trouble.
    By the way Sophie just got her postcard from Mazatlan!! Thank you!

  5. but that's a lot of money isn't it???
    I have one of those from my grandpa, it's quite a treasure for me :)

  6. I've never heard of a Benedict guitar, but I'm not that familiar with classical guitars. All I know is, a good, hand-made guitar will easily go for that price.

    Nice guitars are made with thin, solid pieces of tonewoods, this one is probably cedar on top and mahogany on the back and sides, and solid wood guitars sound better as they get older. The grain of the wood begins to breathe and open up after years of play.

    So if this guitar happens to be considered a good one by classical players, it might definitely go for $2300.00.

    I've never been to St. Paul, but I'm sure if you found and went into a nice music store that sells premium guitars, the price tags will astound you.

    Nifty picture though.

  7. Kate- thanks for supping the Yellow Tail for me! I can believbe it's the biggest seller - after all they have cracked what is one of the biggest wine markets in the world!

  8. New York Made - wow, it must be special.... at Two-Grand!!!

  9. guitars are beautiful.


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