Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Bargain!

And, how much would you pay for this little number??!!


  1. Not much I guess, since I don't play. Great shot with such nice rich colors.

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Wow. What a price. I assume it is a special kind of antique.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. I really like them... I heard that women body inspires the guitar design.. what do you think??
    That's a lot of curves!

  4. Hi Kate,

    I would love to learn to play and I even took lessons last year. Maybe I should say that I started to take lessons but become discouraged when my hand span was so limited. The teacher promised me my fingers would stretch but I didn't keep it up long enough to find out for sure.

  5. i always wanted to lean to play guitar, maybe some day.
    this price is certainly out of my range.
    have a peaceful weekend Kate.

  6. Nice shot of the 12 string. Taylor guitars are considered one of the best production acoustic guitars in America. Lots of "touch" labor goes into making one, but all the pieces are cut out by computer controlled machines. A mix of the old ways and the precision of the new.

    I have a 1997 Taylor, that I paid 1400 for used. I'll never sell it because I'd never be able to buy a guitar that sounds, plays, and looks this good for that price again. The prices have gone up dramatically in ten years. Beautiful to look at though.


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