Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The One That Got Away?

While eating in a newly-opened Szechuan restaurant, I looked up and saw a large aquarium across the room. I whipped out my camera and took some shots in-between the waiters racing across my field of vision. Without missing a beat or dropping a chopstick, my husband continued eating as he ignored my behavior--something he wouldn't have done before I started blogging and photographing anything interesting in sight. No longer embarrassed--what a guy!


  1. Had to laugh! It's a great inhibition-lowerer blogging, isn't it!

  2. It sounds like a fish story to me, Kate.

  3. Amusant ;o) pas facile de vivre avec un photo blogger ;o))

    Amusing; O) not easy to live with a photograph blogger; O))

  4. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I also laughed. I like the photos too.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. We've trained them well ;-)

    (Hope there was no small fish on the menu!)

  6. Your story made me laugh! We went to Venice for a week recently, during which time my husband also never batted an eyelid to see me clicking away...but was gobsmacked when we got home to discover I'd taken 600 pics!...and 3 little videos too!

    Lovely photos on this and the previous blogs too.

    Thanks for your visit to mine.

  7. I had to laugh too! When I spot something interesting, my wife gives me a look and says something like, "let me guess...."
    yep-camera always at the ready!

  8. AHAHHAAA! That is a funny story!

    I, like you, have been known to take photos at the oddest moments.

    Bravo! Now we know you are an artist. Only an artist would drop everything for her/his art.

  9. Anonymous3:09 PM

    The last time I was in a restaurant that served fish Kate, it came straight out of the aquarium LOL. Best stick to the vegetarian menu!

  10. I'm sure my wife can relate to your husband. I wish I had all the money back in car brake pads worn from stopping for me to photograph stuff over the years. It would be at least enough to buy a new lens!

    I love the fish in the top photo, he's definitely checking you out too.

  11. hehehe I know your situation, Kate!
    When I go out for a walk with my people they felt the same! I just take my cam and make a looooot of odd photos! i have a huge chaos in the family computer!! ;)

    And fishes are great, they are such a funny animals, aren't they? :)

  12. I'm the only person in my family who likes to take pictures. Everyone is so accustomed to me having a camera along, they never bring one, and I never get my own picture taken!
    Love the fish!

  13. Love your fish photos.

  14. haha great shots and great story Kate, you made me laugh.


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