Monday, April 09, 2007

I Told You It's Cold!!

After returning from sunny Mazatlan, Mexico, the climate has not pleased me at all. Snow flurries are forecast for tonight. This wood statue was carved from a felled tree, a common practice here; instead of wacking them down, many homeowners carve statues of various subjects to beautiful their property. Some wag took pity on this beautiful woman and added a shawl to keep her warm. I told you it's cold!!


  1. welcome back. Sorry the weather isn't as warm as it was two weeks ago. My plants are confused, they grew, now they are dead already and will have to regrow once again.

    confusing time to be a growing plant.

  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    good way of recycling. the carving's done by expert? nice job!

  3. seems like only yesterday you were leaving for Mexico.

    Time flies and now you are back.

    all the best

  4. Is the carving done from 1 piece of wood? Amazing! However, I don't believe that this crochet wrap will be any cold deterrent...

    LOL! I can just hear you: "we are not amused" by this weather ;-)

  5. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Welcome to home, Kate! It is cold only outside.

  6. Good to have you back. The wood carving is really a beautiful art piece. i would love to have it myself.
    Sorry about the cold weather. Its got to get better. Just remember the cold when the summer temps are in the 90's and the humidity is the same.

  7. Now let's just remove that useless urn from her wooden hands and replace it with a shovel, then she'll be ready for tomorrow!
    Welcome back Kate!!

  8. I did a series a few months ago about a park in Delta that was full of these. It was rather interesting, here, they cut them off the stump, took them to a studio (I assume), carved them, then put them back on their stump. If you would look close, you could see where they were cut. No none of those in Delta were dressed at all :)

    Welcome back up North!


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