Tuesday, December 05, 2006

St Nicholas Eve

(I'm posting this early on this side of the Atlantic because I'll be gone on the 5th) I looked all over town for an appropriate image for St. Nicholas eve. Bright lights outline everything: roofs, eaves, trees, bushes--but no lawn decorations yet. No snow--no Santas. This is probably the most unattractive design I've seen in ages. But, if it makes someone happy, it's fine!! Not exactly St. Nic, but it'll have to do! For more information on our beloved St. Nic, click here.

Today in Minnesota History: 1950 - A snowstorm lasting until December 8 drops thirty-five inches on Duluth and twenty-five on the Twin Cities.(Reference: MNHS.ORG)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks these blow up lawn ornaments are not very attractive. The strangest thing happened between last year and this year. I saw a few of them last year and now the neighborhood is flooded with them.

    Maybe they'll look a bit more in place once the snow flies?

  2. I don't care much for the blow-ups either. the only good thing is they foldup and can be packed away a lot more easily. We'll miss your Dec. 5th posting.

  3. il est amusant ce st nicholas, on le sent heureux.
    Bonne Journee

    it is amusing this St nicholas, one feels it happy. Good Day

  4. I've just learned something I didn't know. I didn't know there was a St Nicholas Eve. Thanks for the education. What a fun custom.

    If kids put their shoes out here I think they would only get a shoe full of rain :)

    I don't like these inflatable things either. Often they lose their air and are flat. I think they are as gaudy as plastic flowers and velvet Elvis paintings.

  5. I hope there's kids in that house getting joy out of it, cos it's pretty....ummmm....sad otherwise !

  6. I've noticed the same thing. As unappealing as these blowups are to me, they are increasing, alas.

    No snow yet, Kate?? We have just an inch or two.

  7. thx for the inforamtion about st.Nic.
    :)) the new knowledge for me.
    and this image is really funny~~~
    the santa should be careful...

    shanghai daily photo

  8. No snow in Minneapolis/StPaul? That's hard to believe... Just heard from a buddy in Buffalo and they're getting some heavy lake-effect snow...
    Personally, I don't like snow -- it's pretty and fun, but way to painful for a west-coast boy like me...

  9. ohhh it looked funny


  10. The best thing to happen to Christmas inflatables is a wind storm. We had one last week and they were flying all over the place, hopefully never to return.

  11. I like this decoration :D

  12. It's funny how that old man has different names around the world. In Perú he is known as Papa Noel.

  13. I was fascinated by the history bit at the bottom of your post. That's a LOT of snow!

  14. enjoy your snow. we are certainly not getting any in Singapore. only fake ones :-)

  15. what are you talking about kate? i'd be absolutely delighted if i can find a same one in our town ;)

  16. Nothing says Christmas like a giant inflatable Santa

  17. HI Kate, My wife is from the east of France - Lorraine - and we always celebrate Saint Nicolas and I still have my chocolate St. Nick to eat.

    Thanks for all the info because as I found out Saint Nicolas and Santa Klaus are two different givers.

    I now profit from gifts only a few weeks apart.


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