Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another mural

Blair Arcade again! The artistic technique for this mural is quite different from the other ones that I have posted in the past. Click here to refresh your memory. I just started to experiment with Flikr so I hope this works!

Today in Minnesota History: 1842-Flour magnate Charles A. Pillsbury is born in New Hampshire. Moving to Minneapolis in 1869, he would learn the flour-milling business and help introduce roller mills that could crush Minnesota's spring wheat into high-grade bread flour. Upon his death in 1899, the Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Company would be the largest in the world. (Reference: MNHS:ORG)


  1. It worked fine Kate. This photo of the mural seems much more modern than the others. Its all lovely artwork, anyway.

  2. Good morning Kate,
    your link of Flickr is working nicely. And you set was very well organized.
    this is a good way to use Flickr.
    Thank you for this!
    Have a pleasant Sunday!

  3. Encore une superbe peinture murale. Style different et plus moderne. j'aime beaucoup.
    Bon dimanche

    Still a superb mural. Different and more modern style. I like much.
    Good Sunday

  4. I love the colors here. The shadows make it stand out too.

    Amazing how many beautiful murals you have in St Paul.

  5. Kate, I'm not sure if I left a comment here or not (the moderation doesn't let me see). I wanted to tell you that I enjoy seeing your blog and comments everywhere. I don't leave comments on each and every one, but wanted you to know that I'm lurking about.

  6. often murals are seen as dated. I found the techique bring a comtemporary feel to it , like it a lot!

  7. interesting mural.
    and i am so curious about the colours they used.

    shanghai daily photo

  8. Those are awesome. Hw big are they? By different artists? The latest one is more modern and the colors are bolder...lovely.

    ps. thanks for your support!!!

  9. I'm amazed by all of the murals! This one is very nice, though. I love the boxes of color, makes everything stand out well.

  10. Yes, it looks much more modern, this mural. The Blair Arcade is a very artfilled space! I don't think Little Rock has anything like it.

  11. It is a wonderful mural. I feel like I could step into the picture and walk to the steamboat.

  12. Looks great. I really like the color blocks - they add definition to an interesting scene.


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