Saturday, July 07, 2018

Granddog, Lexi

Our grand dog Lexi is getting older and seems to need to rest more, but still likes to chase a rabbit or squirrel that dare to venture in our backyard. She has always been a little shy, and she is getting sweeter as she ages. Her behaviour has changed in other ways, too.  She no longer likes to take walks at night.  Our vet explained that dogs lose some visual acuity as they get older, especially when it is dark. Although she is healthy, alert, and lively, I hate to see her ageing process, and often wonder why we-animal-lovers repeatedly put ourselves through this life process over and over again? I guess that Anatole France's quote says it all, "Until one has loved an animal. part of one's soul remains unawakened."


  1. What a pretty dog. We put up with the animal life cycle because that's the price we pay for a loving pet. It always made me extremely sad to lose a pet but the experience was worth it and the memories are endless. It's tough but somehow we always manage to get through the sadness.

  2. Oh we never learn, I think I have my seventh cat already and experienced many goodbyes, from disease, old ages and accidents with Cars. And I always start all over again......

  3. After my last dog passed on I couldn't handle losing another so am now pet free but I do miss that loyalty & love.

  4. I'm exactly the same as Pat above. After the pain of losing my last dog, I've stayed dog free too. But, I do love them so much.

  5. Lexi, You Are So Loved!! Extra Treats Tonight.


  6. Lexi is lovely. And I must agree with biebkriebels (above). We too have had many cats and seen them go, one way or another. We are now down to two and the youngest one is failing. They'll be our last.

  7. What a sweetie. Spoil her while you can. They really do seem to mellow out some as they get older.
    Dogs are like having good-natured two year olds around. They're smart, funny, sweet, loyal, but you have to watch out for them to keep them safe, just like with a child.
    We lost one of our miniature poodles, Lilly, aged fourteen, just a month ago, in the second week of June.
    She was an A-type personality, but was also the one that demanded to be held, loved, and petted. She'd wiggle or scratch for more petting if you stopped before she had her fill. But, she was also the one dog of our batch that was terrified of lightning and had to be held and comforted during our daily afternoon Florida thundershowers.
    A personality that big but sweet has left a huge hole by leaving.
    The wound is still too raw to even look at photos of her.

  8. What a sweetie pie!
    I guess we do it because our pets have access to a part of our hearts that humans can't reach.
    Of course there is a terrible toll to be paid for that love. When it's over and we've recovered a bit, we jump right back in and get another one, just like you said. We have to 16 year old cats that we've had forever. They both have kidney failure, so we know what's coming. We still have another one, and I'm sure there will be many more to come.


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