Friday, April 27, 2018

Art in Bloom, 2018

I haven't returned yet to the MIA to see the full display of Art in Bloom creations I told you about yesterday, but hope to get there this afternoon.  It's pretty essential to see the art and corresponding bouquets during the first day (or two) before the flowers start to wilt. I took these photos as we walked by during our American Modern Art tour on Wednesday so I didn't have time to dawdle. Loved the florists' rendition of the painting of the three women in the flower of womanhood! Don't you agree in the way the three women are represented by the strong blossoms?!

 Painting: "Three Women" Fernand Léger,  Oil on Canvas
 Floral Arrangers: Bob and Barbara Scott and Kathleen Steiger

This painting represents a group of three reclining nudes drinking tea r coffee in a chic apartment. While the reclining nude is a common subject in art history, these women's bodies have been simplified into rounded and dislocated forms, their skin not soft but firm, buffed, and polished. The machinelike precision and solidity with which Léger renders human form relates to his faith in modern industry and to his hope that art and the machine age would together reverse the chaos unleashed by World War I.


  1. Really great art and I like your interpretation of it. I wish you a great weekend ahead!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. You can keep the unfirm soft rounded polished knudes (I spelled it like that purposely) in the upscale apartment. Ugh. I do like the floral arrangement, though. But I'm a simple man. Hmmm....maybe too simple.

  3. The combination of art and floral arrangement is an interesting one. To the best of my knowledge, our Gallery doesn't do it.

  4. I like that arrangement and it seems to suit the painting very well.

  5. Beautiful flower arrangement. Your interpretation of the painting seems right on the money.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kate.

  6. I love different perspectives of artwork, think I like the first one, at least you can look at it and ponder all the shapes and colours.

  7. I like these floral arrangement/art arrangements. I hope we'll see more!


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