Sunday, March 04, 2018

A Bread and Chocolate Bouquet Again!

During our cold season this is the closest I have come to seeing flowers, which I love because they lift my spirits. Bread and Chocolate, a cafe with terrific baked goods,  often uses an alcove above a fireplace to display seasonal flowers,  and they too must be anxious for spring weather. This is the sixth bouquet I have posted from the cafe, and you can see some of them here and here if you are interested.


  1. I do remember previous bouquets. This is a beauty! Enjoy! Spring will be here soon!

  2. A beautiful burst of colour Kate! Everything thing is so dull and grey so those flowers are great to see.

    Re your question about equipment, no they don't have the plows but what they do is send the gritters out and they put down sand and bits of gravel. The farmers got some help today clearing out their access roads.

  3. It is grand to see flowers in March!

  4. Very nice. I buy flowers all winter long, and frequently the cashier will remark, "Oh, someone is going to love them when you get home." I hate to tell them that I love flowers and they are for me.


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