Friday, May 27, 2011

Steeple Chase #2

This steeple is atop a very contemporary Catholic church building, the Lumen Christi Christian community, located in Highland Village.

ADDED LATER:  Blogspot is going to drive me to drink.  I could not access my blog all day on
Thursday, wasted lots of time trying to fix it, but now my access is operating only sporatically!  I'll visit your blogs as soon as this glick is repaired.


  1. Beautiful architecture, the design is amazing! I guess Blogspot is causing problems everywhere.

  2. Interesting steeple. I thought churches put cross above them.
    I hope Blogger will repair your blog soon, maybe today's problems are because they are working on your yesterdays' problems with commenting.

  3. welcome back, Kate. try to keep things in perspective. breathe. this image looks almost as if they are trying to communicate with churches on other planets.

  4. I like this series. It is far different from the traditional steeple you showed a few days ago. This one probably admits great light inside, but I don't think much of the architecture.

    When blogger misbehaves, I remind myself that it is free and that most of the time it connects me with all these fascinating people around the world. It would be unrealistic for me to expect it to be more perfect than I am.

  5. This is very modern but I like the lines of it.

    I think a lot of us have been having some blogger trouble these last few days. Hope all gets fixed quickly.

  6. It's different but I definitely recognize it as a steeple.

  7. This looks rather like an alien spaceship!

    Sorry about your Blogger problems...a lot of us have had them it seems. I hope you're not drinking too much. I don't need much to drive me to drink. In fact, I think I'll go grab a beer.

    Just kidding.

    Re your question on Ocala: So far as I know the B&N's in Ocala, Gainesville and The Villages are not affiliated with Starbucks.

    But I could be wrong. That's happened a couple of times in my life! :-)


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