Sunday, May 08, 2011

MOTHER'S DAY-Art in Bloom #3, "White Plumes," Henri Matisse

Heidi Olson who designed and created this creative  floral arrangement was inspired by Matisse's painting, "White Plumes." She said, "The centerpiece is the lady's elegant hat.  I will try to suggest its general shape, and with my arrangement, express the grace and fluffiness of the hat."
At our own Mother's Day brunch all participants, male and female alike, will have to wear a hat which they decorated. We'll vote for the "best" hat and the winner will receive a prize!



  1. The name sounds very Scandinavian. Swedish?
    Anyway, lovely roses. Hope they smell nice too.
    Have a great celebration, and FUN with the decorated hats!
    (Please, do not forget the camera:)

    Gunn / Norway

  2. Indeed beautiful arrangement and Happy Mother's Day! (In Mexico the celebration is on 10th of May). Abrazos.

  3. Excellent!! This is, first of all, a lovely flower arrangement, and secondly, a brilliant interpretation of the painting.

    Have a terrific Mother's Day, Kat.

  4. This is similar to the exhibition that they had at the Phoenix Art Museum that Sharon showed several weeks ago in which florists did arrangements to mimic some of the paintings. I bet that this is an acquired talent and that they don't teach this in flower arranging school, if there is such a thing.

  5. I hope we get to see the hats from that brunch, at least the winner.
    This is a nice choice for Mother's Day! Have a great one.

  6. What a lovely interpretation! And, what a fun idea for your Mother's Day brunch!

  7. Love this! I hope that you will take hat photos to show us soon... Happy Mother's Day, mon amie!


  8. Perfect! The arrangement goes so well with the painting.

  9. This is a superb creation! It really does match the hat in the painting...down to almost the exact colors. Amazing!


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