Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Handsome CAMERA CRITTER with owner, Sue

Sue who has lived and worked in Minnesota her entire life relaxed with her 7-year-old dog, Neelix.
Starting out as a classroom science teacher,  she has moved into an entirely different field as a genetic epidemiologist at Mayo.  Well, that was a conversation stopper for me...not much time to learn on my way to the car!

Background image: Moi and my new silver moon-roof Rav4 (bought just before gasoline prices spiked...our choice was between a Prius and the Rav); not a smart decision but we certainly will be comfortable if we can afford to take road trips again!

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  1. Beautiful everyday and self portrait . The spontaneity of the moment makes this instant great!

  2. Nice portrait of them enjoying some sunshine! And I can see you in the reflection, too, Great Kate!

  3. Looks like some border collie mix. Love those dogs.

  4. wonderful portrait. I bet you'll love that car in spite of the gas prices.

  5. Nice portrait. I have a RAV4 and am very comfortable in it. Of course, my excuse is that I am very tall and don't fit in little cars like Prius. It is my story and I'm sticking to it.

  6. Looks like a sunny day in Minnesota and even a little warm! Happy spring. I love your portrait of girl and dog.

    Probably wouldn't have noticed the car in the reflection, but the Rav4 is a great vehicle. Lucky you!

  7. Wow, I've got to find out what a genetic epidemiologist does. Right after I memorize how to spell it.
    Great photo. Have fun with the Rav.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. What a great shot of these two friends.

  9. Sue looks like a proud owner and Neelix appears to be a sweet dog.

    Sorry about the gas prices! EW! They are even worse in Canada so I'm pretty sure tourism here will be off this summer.

  10. Gorgeous doggie! :)


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