Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Brunch

Wouldn't it be great to serve Sunday brunch on these dishes?

April Poetry Month Poem #10

Drinking Verse
 Said Aristotle unto Plato,
'Have another sweet potato?'

Said Plato unto Aristotle,
'Thank you, I prefer the bottle.'

Owen Wister (1860-1938)


  1. sunday brunch should definitely be on handmade dishes.

  2. I would love to add these to my cupboards! Simple, yet very pretty.

  3. Serving Sunday brunch on these dishes would be pleasant, but a task. It would be even more enjoyable to be served Sunday brunch on these dishes.

  4. I'd say they are just about perfect for a Sunday brunch!

  5. Interesting pieces. I really like the glasses.

  6. I think it would be so much tastier on those dishes!

  7. lovely dishes. bright and airy. and, i worked with blogger and everyone has now been able to leave messages again. I found out that my Mom was not able to leave a message and I have been troubleshooting what might be happening and worked with blogger and I think i figured it out. My Mom uses a PC, not a MAC, and when she had added my website to her favorite,s she had not used the full http:// etc part of the domain name. Instead she saved it as a favorite when the address was on the bar line. She could get to the site to see the photos but got a blank screen and could not leave comments. I went back in and typed in the full address of and then saved that as the favorite and it shows up with a b in the orange box/logo on the favorites list and now she can leave comments. The only other thing that can cause a problem for folks in leaving comments on blogger is if they have not been updating their software (ie. updates from internet explorer, safari, etc.) OK, hopefully this works for you. It took me awhile to trouble shoot and figure out some options. Happy Sunday!

  8. I do like those dishes very much.


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