Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Easter Brunch

Nephew Kurt and Uncle Jim 
Nephews Kurt and Freddy (Brothers)
Niece-in-law Mickey and Brother-in-law Fred
Cousin-in-law Todd
Cousin Barbie
Cousins:  Mother and Daughter
Elizabeth and Barb
Sister-in-law Phyllis
Grandson Dominique
Granddaughter Olivia

And .... there were many, many more!


  1. Family tree please. This is too confusing....

  2. Looks like everyone had a lovely time. Happy Easter.

  3. Looks like a large extended family that gets along and is patient to pose for the camera.

    Nice that everyone lives close to each other. My family is small and scattered, with my brother in Minnesota, and he celebrated Easter by taking advantage of the arrival of Spring to work in his garden.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Easter together with everyone and had such a wonderful time!

  5. You have a large family. Its wonderful to be able to spend the holiday together.

  6. That looks like quite a family gathering!

  7. How great is that!! It is so nice when family gathers like this. You are truly blessed.

  8. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Being together with "x-tra" family ones or twice a year must be real good :-D

  9. Isn't Uncle Jim He Who Had Rotator Cuff Serfery? It looks like recovery is far along.

  10. Serfery? Sheesh. Admittedly, F is next to G, but E isn't anywhere near U. Maybe this is how dementia starts . . . Let's try "Surgery."

  11. Good grief. You've resurrected a whole bunch of folks I never knew existed. Looks more like a family reunion than an Easter brunch! :-)

    Great fun, though. Right?

    And Jack: re dementia - not to worry, that boat has sailed! Heh, heh!


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