Sunday, February 06, 2011

Game Day!!

I wasn't tempted to "sign up for the Coolest Deals of the Day." As I mentioned yesterday, I fled back to my car after just a short time viewing the ice sculptures.  This friendly young woman cheerfully said "good bye" to me just as I  cheerfully bid the Winter Carnival farewell for another year.  Next year I will dress much warmer and stay longer.

Gearing up for the big game today..."Touchdown!"


  1. And you're going to wear a lump of polystyrene cheese on your head, right....

  2. Hi Kate - I wish your team good luck in the big game!

  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    That is a killer cartoon!!! I love it.

    I will be watching. I usually go for the underdog but this time I don't know which team is the underdog?

  4. Such a nice portrait. The fact that her hand is balled up suggests she was mighty chilly, too.

  5. Enjoy the game Kate. I am hoping your team will win just to torment my bosses who are Steelers fans. Go Green Bay!

  6. One would think that after living in Minnesota for a number of years a person would know enough to dress properly for the St. Paul Winter Carnival! Heh, heh! Glad you had fun, though!

    The cartoon is too funny!

    Oh, I sent in your order for the RL polos: The bill's in the mail - three shirts $225.00; tax $13.50; shipping $12 for a total of $250.50. Just make the check out to Jacob. OK?

    Have a great week.

  7. Congratulations, Kate. The Pack was just good enough to put more points on the board than the Steelers.


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