Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carnaval in Mazatlán, México

Since Mazatlán sometimes is my "second home" during the blustery and snowy St. Paul, Minnesota winter,  I'm extending an invitation to you to enjoy the Carnaval.  Photos are contibutions of Zoe Jussel, a year-round Mazatlán resident.  Here are her own words:
"The lights are up, the stages are being built, the gates erected and some creative and fun statues/sculptures being placed around the city. I think Carnaval is around the corner and I for one, love the noise, crowds, the parade and the fireworks."

We're leaving for Mazatlán after Carnaval ends, unfortunately, but I can enjoy it through Zoe's photos. Jim is relieved that we won't see it this year, but I feel as Zoe does.  I love the noise, the colour, and the pagantry.  The parade is awesome!!
(PS. I wonder how many CDP rules I violated with this post?!)


  1. I wonder how many CDP rules I violated with this post?!

    Loads. Gerald will have you banned.

    First of all - LATE.

    Then off-site.

    No worries, though - rename it "(Not" the Matzalan DP" as I do with Meg and Ben's territory and you're away

  2. Very cool shots! I'm sure I would share your feelings if I had the chance to be at Mazatlan during Carnaval. I think you know how much I love Mexico. :-)

  3. belle création aux néons.

  4. The carnival looks exciting to me.

    Hmmm. What ARE the CDP rules? :))

  5. Have fun when you get there, Kate.

  6. Excellent post. When do you leave?


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