Thursday, January 28, 2010

Modern Day Madonna

On January 11, I posted a photo I had taken in The Museum of Russian Art.  To refresh your memory,  if you missed that post, here is a description of the museum taken from their website:

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), is a member-supported non-profit that preserves and displays historically significant examples of Russian art and artifacts. It is the only museum in North America solely dedicated to the preservation and presentation of Russian art and artifacts. Through the universal language of art, TMORA visitors explore new and unique perspectives of Russia, a country with a recorded history that spans over one thousand years. Recognizing the importance of educating current and future generations about Russian art and culture, TMORA exhibitions are designed to provide our guests with an opportunity to examine important artistic achievements and historical events through the works of Russia’s most esteemed artists.


  1. très belle peinture, très expressif

  2. We're members of the Russian art museum. Our girls received Matroshka dolls from there for Christmas!

  3. The painting is much feeling in it.

  4. Oh Kate,
    I love this painting. At first glance I though Mary Cassatt. Lovely.

  5. A touching portrait and one that is repeated daily all around the world. Mother and child. An eternally immutable bond.


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