Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Chicken in Every Pot?

Shopping gourmet cooking stores may become a new pastime. This beautiful dutch oven/stewpot is an Emile Henry, and the company claims that it can be used ...On the Stove...
All stove tops: gas, electric, halogen
(w/ Emile Henry special induction disk for induction)
All oven types: traditional, convection & microwave
Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
Slow, natural cooking. Keeps hot longer.

I wonder if food tastes better if cooked in this pot?


  1. Can you tailgate with it?

  2. I suspect food would taste better out of that pot. It's a beauty. You make me want to take a trip to a cooking supply store.

  3. I know someone who has had one of these pots for 30 years and loves it.

  4. I'd bet the mix of ingredients might make a difference in the taste. Nice looking pot, however. Very attractive!

  5. That is so pretty, it actually makes me want to cook!

  6. We have the La Crecuet (or however you spell it) dutch oven and just love it, (stove top). We use it often for chili, pot roast, soups and risotto. well worth it.

  7. This looks a real one and it looks nice! I think you should go for it! :-)

  8. Oh...I want that!


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