Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Burst of Yellow

At the recent Highland Art Festival, which is in my neighborhood, my eye caught both the pottery and the sunflowers. The artist displayed some lovely pieces and arranged them nicely with the burst of yellow flowers. Didn't buy anything, tho.

Today my darlin' husband, two terrific grandkids, Maggi our dog and I are on our way to an area I adore and where I was born: Door County, Wisconsin. First a stop in Green Bay to re-introduce the children to "The Shrine", Packer Stadium, a brief visit with relatives and after a family reunion on Friday, we'll drive up the Peninsula and take the ferry to Washington Island for a week of eating, sleeping, and reading. After Paris and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Door County is my favorite spot!!


  1. une belle presentation pour montrer ces poteries
    a nice presentation to show these potteries

  2. This is the kind of composition that could make me happy, thank you for this image.
    About the Packers, they are one of the few american teams whose name has crossed the ocean to be known ever in Soccerland.

  3. Have a wonderful time and create beautiful memories.

  4. Enjoy your pilgrimage to "The Shrine". Home is always a nice place to visit. :)

  5. Lovely composition. These are my favorite colors, earthy tones. Really nice.
    Have a terrific vacation Kate. It sounds delightful.

  6. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I used to exhibit a lot at shows. My son and I spent a lot of summers together doing this. He works in art and photography all day long now and has his studio in West Palm Beach. ANyway, I still have some pieces I bought years ago at shows from young artists and this work reminds me of my pieces.

  7. I really like the sunflowers.

    Enjoy your trip :)


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