Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huichol Artwork

For a little bit of Mexico, I brought back this beautiful piece of embroidery which is typical of Huichol art. The figures are symbolic and are part of the tribes folklore and identity.

Huichol Indian - their art and symbols by Angela Corelis
Deer and wolves that speak to man, arrows that carry prayers, serpents that bring rain or impart skill in embroidery, pumas that are messengers of the Gods - are all real in the Huichol belief system. These are the proud Indigenous people seen around Puerto Vallarta in their colorful embroidered clothing. "Huichol (pronounced Wettchol)", according to Norwegian explorer Carl Lumholtz "is a corruption of the work Vishalika or Virarika, that the Huichols call themselves, the word signifying "doctor or healer', a name they fully deserve as about one-fourth of the men are shamans."

The Huichol Indians live in virtually inaccessible areas of the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, straddling the Sierra Madre Occidental in an inhospitable region of about 15,000 square miles in scattered kinship settlements (ranchos).

In the past thirty years, about four thousand Huichols have migrated to cities, primarily Tepic, Nayari


  1. What a neat piece of embroidery. I have never heard of the Huichols. Very cool!

  2. A very interesting Huichol piece, I guess most of theirs imagery came from experience with theirs sacred plant Peyote.


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