Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bonsai Ginkgo

Returning to the Midwest from months in Mazatlán, México tries one's soul. A trip to the beautiful Como Park helps the transition 'til more pleasant weather arrives. The Bonsai Gallery next to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory is dedicated to Japanese art and the conservatory features the largest collection of bonsai trees in the Midwest.


  1. le retour n'est pas trop dur ;o))

  2. Too bad, you are back! :-)

    No, seriously, happy to see you always, but I imagine you have some regrets! ... and as you say, the spring arrives - here it's more or less summer since a week!

  3. Never seen a bonzai gingko before. How amazing. I have read gingkos have a bad smell but I've never noticed.

    Welcome home, Kate. I just saw you'd left Matzatlan - you seem to have had a wonderfully long trip this time. Hope you are settling back OK and weather isn't too cold for you.

  4. Nice plant! I bought a desert rose at Lowe's yesterday. I just can't resist!

    Hope you get adjusted to life in St. Paul. I'm sure it won't take long - home is always nice to come back to!

  5. I would imagine that the transition was most difficult. I think your heart has become rooted in Mazatlan. Welcome back and I do like your little Ginko tree.

  6. I bet the coming summer-like weather will help... though it still won't be quite like Stone Island. Hope the transition back goes smoothly! ;-)

  7. I hope the serenity of bonsai helps you ease the transition.
    Though bonsai worries me in one respect - all that "torturing" and manipulation of a tree to make it conform to somethign other than what is normal!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately - combination of life circumstances. SDP has had a 3rd birthday and you're invited to the party!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  8. Bonsai trees always interest and amaze me. The patience need to grow and shape them is immense.

  9. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Oh this is so beautiful Kate. I really like Bonsai. I even tried it myself about thirty years ago but could never keep my wits about me long enough to keep them alive. In Japan I saw some trees that were several hundred years old and are national treasures.

    Living in such wonderful places, so different from where I have lived, you might enjoy a look at The Hamlet of Gordon, Ohio. It is where I was born and raised and it is how small hamlets used to be and this one still exists.

    The Hamlet of Gordon


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