Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happy Neighbors

It is fun to get together at an annual neighbourhood party!
All ages enjoyed themselves!!

Helga (as well as I) is one of our sage elders and Katherine is a young mother of two boys.

J-J was born shortly after they moved next door to us, Meghan is a happy new mother, and Joe is a proud young father.

Morgan is the "mayor" of our neighbourhood and Jean has the prettiest garden in town!

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  1. What fun! I wish they did something like that here where I live now.

  2. We all have our own little villages even in the biggest of cities! Nice pics, Kate!

  3. Yes, good neighbors.

  4. That is nice to know all your neighbours so well, pretty photos.

  5. We don't do that so much over here Kate, although I do know all my neighbours ✨

  6. It's nice to know your neighbors. Nice smiling photos of them, Kate.

  7. Fun seeing your neighbors. It made me realize that in eight years of blogging, I have only shown two of my neighbors. I guess I try to keep real life and the blog in separate compartments.


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