Friday, May 25, 2018

Retirement Reception

 Mickey Scott-Math and Lucy Polk-English

 Marty Nash-Fine Arts and Bill Boulger-Math

Yesterday four of my former colleagues were feted at an after-school reception, and we who had worked with them in the past were invited to attend. The place was packed with faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and current students. It was SO good to see all of them!  A former student of mine is now one of the faculty in the English department.  A little startling, but so good to "catch up" with many people.


  1. That is nice to see the former collleagues again!

  2. Doubtless you enjoyed that. I retired so many years ago that I doubt there would be any people still teaching who were there at the same time I was! Now, that's scary!

  3. Retirements that are well earned!

  4. A nice reunion! You must have enjoyed it a lot!

  5. That must have been a lot of fun for you.


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