Wednesday, September 29, 2010


KUDOS to homeowners who opened their homes to the community for a recent house tour.
KUDOS to the family who have kept and maintained this home for several generations.
KUDOS to the current owner who has landscaped it magnificently.

This 1884 Queen Anne/Tudor Revival home was built for the current owner's great grandfather, John D. O'Brien.  It was the first home in a residential development that O'Brien christened Crocus Hill. The landscaping is designed by the owner, a local garden expert, who regularly writes a gardening newsletter, and who has recently published a book, Remembering Smell, describing her loss of that important sense, and who fortunately but gradually recovered after several traumatic months. Lucky for her as a professional gardener! I, incidentally, taught two of her girls when I was still teaching in a local high school here in St. Paul.

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  1. Kudos for sure. I love seeing history preserved. That is one lovely home.

  2. What a wonderful house and what a lovely garden! Great! I like it very much. I could view it for hours.

  3. une superbe maison, avec en plus un beau jardin, j'adore

  4. kudos to the photographer for sharing this lovely post with us.

  5. beautiful house, I cant wait for the Christmas tour of homes in Terrell.

  6. I agree with you completely.

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Beautiful photos of a stately home—

    ABC Wednesday Team

  8. A lovely home and the garden looks even better! Glad you got to sneak a peek!

  9. I wonder if the upper porch is off of the master bedroom and isn't that where we want to have our morning coffee and scone? Oh yes, KUDOS.

  10. What a gorgous house!! I love it. So gracious and elegant.

    Losing one's sense of smell must be traumatic indeed. I'm so glad I still have mine!

    Jay - ABC Wednesday Team

  11. This is my kind of house! So beautiful and so well-kept. Wouldn't want to have to maintain that yard, though! Wow.

    By the by, what subject(s) did you teach? English and/or math, I'll bet. Yes?

  12. Kate, that is a beautiful stately home, so lovingly restored. KUDOS to you for posting!


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