Sunday, September 19, 2010

The High Bridge Over the Mississippi

The High Bridge is a bridge that carries Minnesota State Highway 149 over the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota. The bridge is a two lane, street set-up over the river. The original bridge, built in 1895, was damaged by a storm in 1904. The southernmost five spans were rebuilt. Due to deterioration over the years, the old bridge was demolished in 1985. A new bridge was built and opened in 1987. The ornamental ironwork on the new bridge was built using iron from the old bridge.

The High Bridge has a height of 160 feet, making it the highest bridge in St. Paul.

In February 2008, City Pages, a weekly publication in the Twin Cities, published a feature about the long history of suicide at the bridge. The article included a testimony of a survivor that has leapt from the high bridge.

Design :
Inverted arch and two half-arches for the main span; eight plate girder spans on the north side

Total length 2760 feet
Width 54 feet
Longest span 520 feet
Clearance below 149 feet
Opened July 1987

Sunday Bridges Meme: To see more bridges from around the world, click here to check the meme for bridges that Louis La Vache has established at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. I love crossing this bridge. I need to get down there before winter sets in. Thanks for the prompt.

  2. That is so cool Kate. The only one I have never see a bridge that high before. I think I would rather walk across just to take it in.

  3. This brings back memories of living on the Mississippi River in Illinois. We don't see bridges like this in Arizona. I may have t take that back soon. They are building a huge and high expansion bridge in northern Arizona to cross the Hoover Dam. Right now, traffic crosses on top of the dam and it is very slow because the dam is old and only two lanes. I've seen a few pictures of the new bridge under construction and it is going to be quite an engineering marvel.

  4. This is a bridge of dizzying heights! With large boats below you can really see just how high!

  5. oh my, the survivor must be very lucky! quite a dramatic bridge. love your photo.

  6. This shot brings back memories of my childhood on the Mississippi.

    That new bridge that Sharon is talking about is going to be a high one. I have seen it from below and it just looks scary to me but I'm sure it will be fine once up on the same level as the bridge. They say it will be open next month.

  7. Nice bridge. I am glad they were able to reuse parts of the old bridge. MB

  8. it's impressive!

  9. A great bridge shot of the high bridge! You could have linked it in with Louie la Vache's BRIDGE meme!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your 1,000 post several days ago! We're overdue for a CDP coffee time! Sometime before our trip to Washington Island and "Al Johnson's!"

  10. A very lovely photo and impressive bridge!

  11. Very impressive!
    Nice, the reuse of the iron.

  12. Is this the new bridge?

    Very impressive!

  13. Make me dizzy just thinking of looking of looking over the edge!

  14. And it really is a high bridge! It's nice the designers were able to use the ornamental ironwork of the original bridge.


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