Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More circles

I suppose I could still follow the circle theme, and I have always been fascinated by these hay bales. I found these three at the stable where my granddaughter takes riding lessons. Still have a miserable cold, and can't wait 'til February when we're off again for Mazatlan, Mexico.


  1. une bonne idée pour le thème du mois (qui ouvrait beaucoup d'option et de choix différents)
    a good idea for the topic of the month (which opened a lot of option and different choices)

  2. That's an interesting possiblity. Clever.
    Winter colds are dreadfully difficult to shake off..maybe some vitamin c or lots of chicken soup.

  3. The hay bales are neat. Wish I was going to Mazatlan - it's cold here! This morning there was frost everywhere and it got below freezing last night. Tomorrow we are supposed to get into the 70s though. The weather here is strange.

  4. Hi Kate!
    Here in Madrid is quite cold too!
    The hay bales are so nice, good work!
    Have a nice week :)

  5. Lucky you....Mazatlan will be wonderful.


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