Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Circle Theme #16

Encore is a consignment shop where I find many, many great bargains. Right now I've got my eye on an Eileen Fisher 2-piece dress that would look terrific in Mexico during our stay there. Waiting for it to be reduced because it is a spring and summer outfit and hope it won't be sold before I buy it.

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." Giorgio Armani


  1. Hope you get it,Kate. I recall a door very like this - perhaps you've posted it before? Or something similar? Circles, circles, circles, such a nice series.

  2. j'adore cette peinture murale, c'est simple et très beau. tu as fait toutes tes courses de noël ?
    I love this wall painting, it is simple and very nice. you very went shopping of Christmas?

  3. Once more, two half circles! You like to live dangerously? ... and if the dress is gone?

  4. I remember this one. The sign is as nice as ever. I like the quotes you've been including as well.

  5. very stylish entry today Kate, good luck with the outfit, keep us posted!


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