Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Fern Room

Fern Room
A Palette of Delicate Greens
Experience the ambiance of dappled light, a gentle waterfall and floating mist. Walk among green lacey foliage and step back in time through a garden of living fossils. Ferns are one of the most ancient groups of plant surviving today. The Fern Room at Marjorie McNeely Conservatory contains over 100 species of ferns and fern allies. (From the Como Conservatory website)

The light from the conservatory windows adversely affected the exposure, and my Canon point-and-shoot camera didn't seem to be able to compensate. I think you can visualize the beauty of the place from these photos, however.


  1. Nice spring shot - I hope that we have some greenery here soon.

  2. Yes I can, and I even hear the water running! Have a good week end, Kate.

  3. what a contrast to the weather on the outside, you must have enjoyed your visit to the conservatory.
    have a lovely weekend.

  4. Anonymous3:37 AM

    This is like from "our hill" near the summer cottage :)

    ( Did you get my post to Olivia? Click the link of a slide show, it`s not spam )

    Have a wonderful spring weekend with your beloved ones!

  5. I was thinking it was a bit early to find this along the Mississippi!

    My reply to your comment has been posted :)

  6. how gorgeous. I love ferns. These are lovely photos, Kate. Not sure what you think might be wrong, they look excellent - charming - to me. beautiful rocks, beautiful ferns.

  7. Life is not complete until you have watched the gong show :)

  8. Lovely photos. Looks a nice place to stop and take in the scene.

  9. What a lovely peaeful place Kate. Thanks for the pictures. I love all the shades of green.
    I haven't visited strangetaste's blog. Iwill have to do that.
    Someday I wil make it to Door County and maybe visit your old stomping ground.

  10. What lovely signs of spring! I love the first greens that appear.


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  11. Kate, I think that your photos are lovely. Ferns are my favorite, and that is certainly a wonderful place.

  12. there is something so tranquil and inviting about it.


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