Friday, April 18, 2008

Post #500-Minnesota Workers Series (#3)

Blogger and I have not been on good terms the last few days, but I finally got to post again ... and I've made it to my milestone!! What better way to celebrate post #500 for this blog than with smiling faces of happy workers at Lund's Super Market!

If I were also to count my Mazatlán, México blog, it would be 685 posts. Although I may have missed a day or two here and there, I think that I've been pretty faithful and have enjoyed every minute of it. I don't know which I enjoy more--taking photos, reading your comments, or visiting your blogs. Thanks, everyone, for your visits and encouragement!!


  1. 500, contrats and great job! I only hope to make it that long. The workers look like the either enjoy their job or like getting their picture taken, maybe both.

  2. Happy 500th post!

    I sometimes shop at a store called Brookshires here in Jackson. I love it when they have the "storm" in the produce section. They play some thunder sounds, the lights flash and then the misting starts. It always gives me a laugh.

  3. Hey Kate! I see your comments over at PDP and at Lynn's Cheltenham site, and now that I know you're in
    St. Paul, I'll be checking out your archives and reliving old times! I lived in Minneapolis from 90-97 and as soon as I saw that bib in this photo I immediately thought Lund's!! I lived right near Lund's in Uptown, and I really miss that store. I'll be in St. Paul next month to visit friends, so I can't wait to look at your photos and see what's new and worth checking out when I'm in town.

  4. 685! you are 50 posts ahead of me Kate! I'm at 635.


  5. So glad you are back up and running and what a milestone! Lovely post with a lot of happy guys with their big smiles. In the first photograph, the young man looks as if his cheeks will burst, he's got such a big smile.

    Many congratulations on your 500th post. You always show us something different, original, always with a humanitarian stance, showing what a kind and good person you are. It's always a pleasure to visit Visual St. Paul and Mazatlan.

    Happy 500 Day, Kate - open the champers!

  6. Congrats, Kate! I like this series very much. It's a great idea, and your photos are super.

  7. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I am glad, that Blogger did it`s work and we can see your important post today.
    Congratulations Kate! And hopefully you will make many 500 still more :))

    Happy weekend to you and special greetings to Olivia!

  8. Such is the climate here you can't take photos inside a supermarket without arousing deep suspicion.

    Great to see you reach another milestone.

  9. Great set of images for your 500th, congratulations for your splendid work thru this time and best wishes for the next 1000.

  10. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Congratulations on your 500th post, Kate and for the additional posts from your Mexico blog. That is quite an achievement, really.

    This is a happy set of pictures to celebrate the event with. Nice photography.

    Sorry about your experiences with blogger.

  11. Bravo, bravo, bravo! Now, I'm just waiting for 500 more! This guy makes me want to eat vegetables!

  12. As we say here, Kate, "that's a gas golden groover".
    And, quite an achievement. 500 is many thousands of hours of hard and dedicated sweat and toil.
    We are surely in your debt for all the entertainment and education you have given us.
    Remember the new house plan at Mazatlan, - and you wondering how things would fit.
    I agonized over that too, and still look at that plan.

    Happy 500; you deserve a medal.

  13. Congratulations, Kate!
    It is a wonderful world in which we can get such insightful glimpses into other people's world right from the very people who live there. Thank you for sharing!

    (You make me want to try to figure out how to count one's posts.)

  14. Kate! 500!!!! Yeah for you!!! I have so enjoyed visiting you and your visits back! I hope you have 500 more! I like your workers series. Glad to hear you and blogger are speaking again!

  15. Well it looks like Lund's is a nice place to work judging by the smiles on the employee's faces!

  16. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Wow, 500 posts is quite an achievement and one to be enjoyed.

    Well done!

  17. YAY!!! 500 posts. Very good and you have an interesting blog.

  18. Happy 500th post !
    What an encounter : today is my second anniversary on Cergipontin !

    These three last posts are very interesting for me, Kate.
    Why ?
    Because it is ever well to discover how it is in else country.
    And ?
    It is EXACTLY the same than here in France !
    Workers are smiling even if they are tired.
    Workers make their best to repair a road as fastly as possible so nobody will be annoyed a too long time. And the principal: fruit and vegetable are exactly the same and ranged on the same manner !

  19. Congratulations. love the smiles ... personally I am addicted to sharing photos ... I love to take photos however it is the sharing which is most important ... I look forward to your next 500 photos.

  20. Congratulations Kate ! This fantastic achievement certainly makes you one of the most senior bloggers in our community, as well as one of the most faithful and endearing ones.

    Your series of portraits here are wonderful. You get smiles everywhere you go, don't you?

    And what about this parrot rescue story! How amazing!

  21. Cergie is right, our supermarket fruit and veggie displays are very similar here, and similar to what they were in Australia. It's becoming a global world and you need to travel to less advantaged countries to find the traditional food stalls and markets...

  22. Congratulations, Kate, for your 500th post! You always show us something beautiful and original and I LOVE visiting you!

    Great these pictures with many happy smiles!

  23. Congrats on 500 posts. I made it to my 1 yr anniversary till it was about 6 days gone. Anyway, I like your series. How do the people feel when you are taking their photo? Do you ask them first? Just curious, as I always feel uncomfortable when taking someone's photo if they are looking at me.

  24. Anonymous12:39 PM

    wow..congratulation to your 500th photos:)

  25. his is a fine way to celebrate the 500. Great smiles!!!!!!

    Wel done Kate and tks for your supportive visits now and then.

    P.S. I still haven't forgiven you for that "05.00 am pig's head" tough ;-)

  26. Congratulations on your #500 milestone, Kate! A happy theme day here with happy workers.

    I am struggling to keep up. I try to have a week in dreaft mode ahead of time. But I am running out now. Work and home schedules for a while. I hope May is less hectic.

  27. Well done on reaching 500 (or 685!). I enjoy seeing your photos and reading your narratives. Keep on blogging :)

  28. I did not want to congratulate you on the 498! Now I can do it! Congratulations,bravo and thanks for all the pleasure you are offering us!

  29. Whow! 500 posts. Congratulations on your achievement; so many varied and interesting posts.

  30. Congratulations, Kate! 500 alone is quite a milestone. 685 all the more impressive. You do a beautiful and informative blog and I wish you many more. All the best!

  31. Kate congratulations on 500 posts. Its a great milestone of life in the Twin Cities. You were one of the first people I got to know when I started my blog. Thanks for all your gracious comments.
    My computer went crazy on me this morning and now its finally behaving itelf. So now I have a million blogs to visit.
    Oh yes I do love this post of such happy faces.

  32. Well done Kate - and a great series of photos to celebrate.

    I just had my 200 and I can't imagine making the big 500!!!

  33. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Congratulations, Kate! Yours is always a friendly, interesting blog destination.

  34. Happy 500th Kate! A fantastic milestone especially for someone who has 2 DPs in different countries. Simply amazing.

    have a great weekend.

  35. Happy anniversary! Sydney DP is having one too today.
    Sydney Daily Photo Turns 2 today!

    And a similar theme - people ...

  36. Congratulations on hitting the big 500! Nothing like smiling workers who enjoy their jobs.

  37. Happy 500th Post, Kate.

    Just realized you're back in St. Paul after checking your blog of Mazatlan.

  38. A great accomplishment, especially since so many are so good!
    Good look on your new additions!

  39. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Hi Kate, I am back and will visit. That you for all your wonderful photos, your visits, and for bringing us a wonderful sense of community.

  40. wow, well done! it has been great getting to know you and the places you live through your blogs, looking foreward to lots more! This looks like a happy crowd of workers.

  41. Minnesotan workers all look incredibly HAPPY!
    I hope it was a bottle of YellowTail wine you had with the cake ;-)

  42. avec un léger retard, félicitation pour ton 500th post, c'est superbe et un bonheur de venir chez toi tous les jours. Bonne continuité
    With a slight delay, congratulations for your 500th post, it is superb and a pleasure to come to you every day. Good continuity

  43. lovely Kate, happy 500!!!
    i enjoyed your photos and comments immensly.
    looking forward for more to come!

  44. I'll be checking out your archives and reliving old times! I lived in Minneapolis from 90-97 and as soon as I saw that bib in this photo I immediately thought Lund's!! I lived right near Lund's in Uptown, and I really
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