Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!

Soon we will be putting flags and flowers on graves, if it's allowed by the cemetery. I'd like to put these roses on the gravesites of all my loved ones and yours who are no longer with us.


  1. And what a beautiful way to remember them..are these from your yard?

  2. I do agree with Lavenderlady. These white roses are beautiful. Are they "Iceberg" rose bushes?

  3. Anonymous1:49 AM

    And one most beautiful from amongst of flowers as your photo too!
    Happy weekend to you Kate!

  4. Please do!

    I wonder why there are different days for this in different countries? I guess that in most European countries we do this around November 1.

  5. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Those are beauties, Kate. Really nice and they look like the old fashioned, single, roses. I have one but it is in pink. It is the only rose I own and it is not bothered by insects and for me that is a bonus since I don't use insecticides.

    Birds in their bath at
    Brookville Daily Photo

  6. Beautiful flowers~!
    Have a wonderful weekend Kate!

  7. Thank you, Kate, for your thoughtfulness this Memorial Day.

  8. This is a very nice flower shot, Kate. Do you know the name of rose?

  9. They look very "old fashioned", not cultivated...
    Thank you!

  10. such pure white roses, the way the light hits, it looks like starched whiteness. Very beautiful shot

  11. Wow Kate, these are absolutely beautiful. You captured them very well.

    ~Lisa in Quito

  12. Isabella i think is in rught. Bu the way: wonderful flowers. Have a nice weekend !!!

  13. Thank you for the desire to lay the flowers at the cemetary. We are going to do that at the National Cemetary in the Presidio of San Francisco on Monday. My husbands folks are buried there.
    Absolutely beautiful white roses kate.

  14. These white roses are beautiful and I can smell their perfume!

  15. You're right --- this is a wonderful photo, too.

  16. Beautiful. My mother always had roses planted around the yard when I was growing up. I can't smell one without thinking of her. (Though she's still with us.)

  17. This is a beautiful shot of a rose. I've shown today a plaque with words by Princess Grace on the rose.

    I plant a rose over every dog I've owned who has died. Always old fashioned single roses.

  18. Anonymous6:35 PM

    The moon is gone.

    She fled as dawn approached.

    Dawn as a slowly opening eye.

    White sea birds skimming over the water,

    looking for an early morning snack.

    The mirror brightens.

    From a blood moon at dawn to a mirror

    reflecting waking life...


    I woke her to take the moon.

    Her campaign was swift and terrible.

    Metallic and fierce.

    Glaring up in the twilight.

    But the moon was both implacable and unreachable

    and in the end the war against the moon failed.

    As dawn rose slowly from her bed, the moon slipped away.

    But in the end, all that was lost,

    was a little sleep....


    1 June 2007

    Burning Moon

    Moon Fire

    Blood Moon

    smoked Moon

    Smoky Moon

    Smouldering Moon


    4 June 2007

    After the storm, my mine cleared.

    And a high wind arose and blew the tropics north.


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