Thursday, May 31, 2007

Light the Way

"No light, but rather darkness visible" Paradise Lost by John Milton

The Cathedral of St. Paul will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of its completion date on June 1. Unlike its nearby neighbor, the Capitol, the Cathedral has never been lighted at night. To remedy this unfortunate oversight, a local doctor has arranged and paid to have it beautifully luminated on the evenings of May 30th and 31st. I, of course, was among the admirers, shooting away to capture this event. The huge granite building was designed by the French-born architect Emmanuel Masqueray and is situated on St. Anthony Hill. "Step inside...awe is a word seldom used in architectual discourse anymore, but it applies here. The sweep of space beneath the dome simply has no equal in the Twin Cities." (AIA Guide to the Twin Cities, by Larry Millett) To see a few more photos I took tonight, click here and visit ExtraExtra my blog for extra Cathedral photos.


  1. If only I could take nights shots, you would have probably seen me there. With my broken camera, I'm limited to daytime shots only.

    My father read about this in the newspaper, called me at work to let me know. I was excited to take some photos of this rare opportunity. Then I remembered about my camera woes.

    I'm glad you took some. I enjoyed them.

    PS - The half light on one side on your extras page is quite interesting.

  2. That is a dramatic photo. The light on the facade made is so much more imposing and regal.

    Very nicely done.

  3. Stunning photo. As you know I love night shot and this one is really superb. Then I like the architecture of the church. Unfortunately here I cannot enlarge the photo but in the thumbnail it seems to have romanesque influence. Am I in right?

  4. tres belle photo de nuit de cette cathedrale.
    pour repondre a ta question, la grande pagode se trouve à Evry

    very beautiful photograph of night of this cathedral. to answer has your question, the large pagoda is in Evry

  5. Anonymous2:51 AM

    the link to other photos doesnt work for me. anyway, its a wonderful night shot! its long due they light the marvellous structure.

  6. Anonymous5:04 AM

    It appears to be an imposing structure that smacks you between the eyes. It is a beautiful building that deserves the lights the doctor donates twice a year.

    Nice photographs, Kate.


  7. Nice shot and money well spent. Assume he also planted some trees as a carbon credit...;-)
    They've done similar events here and in Frankfurt - using the European Central Bank skyscraper as a virtual moviescreen.

  8. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I just returned from Paris, and expected this to be from somewhere in France. What a suprise!

  9. Nice job on the night photos!

    I did not realize the Cathedral was designed by a Frenchman...

  10. So the light is only for 2 days.
    It would be nice if it's permanent, but it might be a waste of electricity :-)

    You took it just in time.
    It's a beauty!

  11. I love the Cathedral! This is a great shot! What a wonderful opportunity.

    San Diego Daily Photo

  12. A majestic church and your photo shows it so well. I'm glad you were able to photograph it. How nice that it is lit even for only 2 nights. Perhaps someone else will take up the cause.

  13. Anonymous12:07 AM

    What a beatifful temple

  14. Anonymous6:35 PM

    What a winner of a shot Kate! It really stands out in the portal.

    South Shields Daily Photo


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