Wednesday, July 19, 2006

St.Luke's Front Door

Although tastes have changed, historically Summit Avenue has been the premier street in St. Paul. St. Luke's parish has been around for a long time and has nurtured the spiritual lives of many Roman Catholics in the city. The building is huge, and its main entrance on Summit is shown here. PS. Something has occurred along the way, and I can't fix the 404 error; consequently, a click will not produce an enlarged image as it did when I first posted it. Too bad because the detail is wonderful. I think it's computer voodoo!


  1. Kate, I just love your photos of this front door. Very interesting and beautiful. Well done! Did you see Eric of PDP's recent photo of the doors of Notre Dame? Puts me in mind of this. Lovely,

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    hi kate,

    what a front-door ! :-)

  3. This church door is beautiful. Sculptures are especially good and I like them.

  4. My Father and his siblings attended St. Luke's when they were children. They lived in Crocus Hill when it was a bit less than tony to do so! What I would give for their home on Lincoln and St. Albans in this real estate market! :)

    Thanks for the St. Paul news, it warms the heart of this misplaced Minnesotan! It is very appreciated!


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