Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Gov's Pad

St Paul is the capital of the state of Minnesota. Upon each election, the govenor and family reside in this formerly-private residence of the Irvine family , who donated it to the state several decades ago.The brass plaques, one on each side of the wrought iron gate, indicate that it is on the National Register of Historical Places. Of course it is located on Summit Avenue.


  1. Kate, I'm curious about the date you have on this post. I'm just a couple time zones away from you, and it seems you were able date the post for Thursday, when it's Wednesday. If it was purposeful, I'd love to know how to post date things. tHanks,

  2. Summit Avenue is one of my favorite streets in St Paul, well and the surrounding neighborhood for the beauty of the homes.

    As for post dating, when you are posting a new entry into your blog, right above the 'Save As Draft' and the 'Publish Post' buttons is a line called 'Post and Comment Options' click on the words and you can turn your blog into a website time machine. I'm not sure why blogger doesn't have that option more visible from the start.

  3. Wow, this house is so beautiful and big (of course :)) Very nice shot!

  4. I really like your blog. You're not Swedish, by any chance? There are lots of Swedish people living in Minnesota.

  5. Looks like a nice pad. Does the governor only live there during the election?


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