Monday, November 04, 2019

Early voting

For every election in which I have participated, I have awakened early and joined the  morning group that is exercising our precious right to vote. I have always enjoyed this process, and until this year I have never voted early.  My branch library happens to be my polling place and while checking out a book last week, I noticed the people who were lined up to vote early. Realizing that the weather is getting colder, I thought, "Why not! If I vote now, I can sleep in on Tuesday morning!" Good idea!

Be sure to vote !!


  1. Voting is a civic duty of all citizens. As they use to say in Chicago, "Vote early, Vote often."

  2. I voted early in our recent election - no lineups!

  3. Very cute!

    I voted in advance in our federal election a couple of weeks back.

  4. I've been voting by mail for the past three or four years and I love it. I vote, put it in the mail and then check online to make sure it's been received and counted.


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