Thursday, May 02, 2019

A Lavender Farm

I thought that I might continue the purple theme for a few more posts! I LOVE this lavender farm and cannot wait 'til our annual trip next August to listen to the two week music festival on Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin so I can hear and see these lavender delights at the same time on this beloved island!

The Island Lavender Company is located in the heart of Washington Island at the Historic Island Dairy, where acres and acres of lavender fields are farmed and hand-made lavender products are produced. The Island Lavender Company carefully harvests each bundle of lavender during the "Blooming Season" from July though mid-August. Each bundle is gently dried in our aged wooden lavender drying barns to protect the vibrant colors and aromatic scent of the fresh cut lavender. After drying, the buds are removed from the stems in our exclusive "Lavender Spooler" and rigorously cleaned in our custom "Lavender Bud Centrifuge". After extensive cleaning, the lavender buds are inspected assuring the highest quality. At the end of the summer growing season each plant is carefully harvested and trimmed by hand for our specially designed "Lavender Steam Vapor Boiler", to separate the aromatic lavender oil through a copper condensation cooling tower that stands almost 8ft. tall, producing our lavender essential oils and lavender infused waters. The Lavender Buds and Lavender Essential Oils are prepared for culinary, personal care and home good products. Even the dried lavender stems are available and wonderful to use in BBQ and wood fires, filling the air with the intrigue of aromatic lavender. Fair Trade Prices and Quality Farm Local Products. 

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  1. Washington Island is such a special place. Love your lavender photos.

  2. Beautiful. Lavender is both pretty and structural.


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