Saturday, January 11, 2014


Q. Murph, How do you like your new iphone?
   A.  It's great!
Q. What do you like the most about it?
    A. I can put everything on it.
Q. What kinds of things?
     A. Here, take a look.


  1. They are amazing! Both phone and old timers. hahahaha

  2. Yup….I sure like mine!

  3. he's got a great face. :)

  4. Just to show how different my sister and I are, I have an old fashioned cell phone that I almost never turn on. I don't feel the need to be connected 24/7. I like the portrait you took though.

  5. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't have an iPhone :) Super portrait shots today and yesterday Kate and when the weather cools down I'm so making the chicken salsa soup!
    p.s. as far as I can find out the origin of the name joey for baby kangaroos is unknown, interestingly all baby marsupials, koalas, wombats and possums are also known as joeys.

  6. By the looks of the funiture, the magazine, and coffee I would guess that you were in a Barnes and Noble? Nice portrait. Oh and yes, in our Cowboys exhibit there were women. They could not leave out Annie Oakley.

    1. You are a good detective, Randy.

  7. Didn't want one. Now I would feel lost without it.

  8. I don't have an iPhone. Sometimes I feel like I live in the Dark Ages. ;))

  9. Good. At least there's one other person in the world besides me, in Perth, without an iPhone. I'm not adverse but I can't justify the cost of a data plan.

    Great portrait; what a nice face!
    Chicken salsa soup yesterday. I forgot to get corn, so I tossed in black beans. Tonight the corn will go in, so it'll have both. I used fresh salsa. YUM!!

  10. Humans of St. Paul!

  11. That's a splendid portrait, Kate!


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