Friday, May 03, 2013

Art in Bloom #8

Not all of the art works were paintings; floral interpretations also included sculptures and Asian bowls and other kinds of art pieces. (Artist unknown)


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    1. Please, no proselytizing on this blog. Thank you!

  2. A with of flowers and floral decorations is all to the good :-)
    PS Thank you for the link - most encouraging :-)

  3. Wonderful series, Kate! Thank you very much for sharing it with us.
    I love the Margritte arrangement and the one with the Baby's Breath in place of lace curtains.
    True artists. those artisans!

  4. I love this one too! You've shown us some real beauties!

  5. Ah, such creativity. Actually, I've enjoyed your posts very much. That's probably because at one time I was known as the flower of our family. Well, they didn't say that. They said I was a bloomin' idiot!

  6. I just noticed the book list in your sidebar. I have been on a Henning Mankell kick this year, too. Give Jo Nesbo a try. His protagonist is an equally dark and dour and flawed detective.


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