Thursday, March 03, 2011

And the winners are...An-Apple-a-Day #9

The Son of Man, 1964

la chambre d ecoute rene magritte 1958

Both of these paintings are "take-offs" on Magritte images. I selected the top, and my granddaughter chose the other green apple, la chambre.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown. Rene Magritte
Quiz result!!

1. The first person to guess my choice (July 4) was Irredento Urbanita.  6 other clever bloggers made the same decision.

2. NO-ONE correctly guessed my granddaughter's choice, which is July 19. However, 12 of you thought that she might have selected #14, which logically assumes that a young child would be attracted to the fairy tale image. I, too, was surprised that she did not make that her choice; she wasn't even remotely attracted to it.  Her choice was between a very blue apple attached to a different month and this Magritte look-alike.  Must be in our genes since she, too, was attracted to the Magritte images. (She did not know which painting I had chosen).


  1. dexu belles peintures, avec une preference pour la premiere

  2. This Magritte thing is very clever. Really cool!

  3. She has good taste like her Grandmother.

  4. Well, one right is not too bad. I'm a big fan of Magritte.

  5. Interesting that you both chose green apples...wasn't there a song about God and little green apples?

    Have a great day. Remember grandma, green apples are good for pie, which I'll bet granddaughter loves!

  6. I meant to make a comment on your original post, but never found the time. In any case, these two were not what I would have chosen. I think it's interesting you both chose the green apples. Am I sensing a favorite color here?? :)

  7. I love his paintings too. Great close up.

  8. I selected the one you chose, but was off the mark on your granddaughter's... Joy's paintings are just beautiful and the collage effect of all of them in a month is fabulous!


  9. Thanks for sharing the results. And I was SO sure! hahaha

  10. Oh, well. Put two more marks for me in the loss column. Re your comment on my blog about Chuck Close, MIA has a very early Close portrait and the NBMAA's is just ten years ago. His style probably developed and changed over time. I added a paragraph to the post after you read it, pointing out that Close is now disabled and paints with a brush strapped to his arm.

  11. I will answer your mail, thank you for the prize.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  12. I guess I haven't known you long enough to guess correctly! :)

  13. Attractive apple art!
    BTW, I couldn't decide on where to photograph for theme day - the first one I've missed since my start!


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