Monday, June 28, 2010

Jazz Aficionados

Jazz Aficionados are an eclectic mix! Here are some people who enjoyed watching and listening to the musicians at the 12th Annual St. Paul Jazz Festival.

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” -Plato, Ancient Greek  Philosopher


  1. 4 fans bien diffèrent, des beaux portraits

  2. They all seem mesmerized by the music.

  3. The young, the old and everything in between, and why not! I love your people portraits. I wonder if they ever ask you why you are taking their photo.

  4. Jarart, I almost always ask, unless it's a very public place and it's inconvenient. I've seldom been refused. If I've taken a candid shot, I'll speak to the person later, if possible, giving them an out. I always carry slips of paper that has my blog address with me to give to people so they can view themselves.

  5. It looks like jazz appeals to all ages and a variety of peoples!

    Thanks for your comment on Ocala DP. I should have titled that Mannequin Pattern Baldness! :-)

  6. You have a Fresh Produce in Minnesota? I thought it was a local outfit. And not having been inside I rather figured it was mostly children's clothes.

    Or children's veggies. Heh, heh!

  7. HA, our blues festival was an interesting mix as well.
    Four great portraits Kate.


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