Saturday, April 17, 2010

Among My First Purchases!

On Saturday I had my second training session to be a volunteer in a fair trade shop called Ten Thousand Villages, which, incidentally, has stores all over the country. It'll be a bit of a challenge to keep my own purchases within reasonable limits since I like much of the merchandise: clothing, purses, jewelry, home furnishings, books, toys, cookware, and much more. If you have a store within your shopping area, I encourage you to patronize it since it offers customers quality merchandise and gives artisans in Third World Countries an outlet for their crafts that helps them reach economic independence. The support and guidance that the men and women receive from this non-profit and well-established organization is unique and highly beneficial.

There are over 100 volunteers who are well-trained in the St. Paul office alone. I've signed up for sales, volunteer training, school visitor and educator, and book club facilitator. That should keep me busy and out of trouble! If you are in the St. Paul area, stop by and, if we're both lucky, I'll be there!

PS. Don't you think the wrap will look great with my new Santa Fe red cowboy boots?


  1. Looks like a cozy, classy wrap! Is it on Grand Ave? You'll have to wear it for our blogger coffee/snack time as long as it's not to warm by then!

  2. This is a wonderful acquisition, Kate. I hope you have many delightful opportunities to wear it. I'm so glad to hear how all of this is evolving for you...I remember when you first posted about it.

  3. I'll be on the look-out for the store.

  4. I will have to find out where the store is near us.
    The wrap will look great with those red boots.
    I hope we get to see more items from the store.

  5. You are one stylish woman! I like this wrap very much.

    I'll have to look for one of these outlets near me.

  6. It will go very well with your red boots. I think, though, you should have a red cowgirl hat to complete the ensemble!

    I've not heard of Ten Thousand Villages, but do like the concept...I shall check to see if there is one anywhere near us!

    Have a great week!

  7. I love the free trade items . I've bought them here and in Paris. Great cause, great items. Love this wrap.

  8. Shalom Kate.
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    A candle--that is so touching!

    Good luck with your fair trade work. A wonderful thing to contribute.

    I love your idea of the other blog about housesitting. You've given me an idea! (Although from my experience housesitting is not as easy as it sounds.)

    Shalom and see you again.

  9. Mts jb had something similar. It went under the name of "horse blanket" for the longest time.

    (Not that I'm implying anything, of course...)


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