Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old-Fashioned Drug Store

More Street Art

In this drugstore, a hold-out of a bygone era, you can buy a nickle cup of coffee and single dip ice cream cones are a quarter. On the outside wall are two pieces of art: one of children's tiles, one of which I've posted in the past (September 26) and a mural that I find quite amusing. Enjoy!


  1. Those murals are great. People now can sit and look and imagine the conversations going on inside/on those walls.

    That's a great idea for art on the wall. And doesn't a nickel cup of coffee and a quarter cone sound too good to be true?!

  2. Yeah, I like those murals, I think it's a creative way of spending time for young guys.

    Greetings from Barcelona

  3. Superbes dessins. l'art de rue engendre souvent de superbes creations.
    J'adore, en plus il y a quelques chose de vieilles bandes dessinées

  4. Is this on Snelling Ave? Which cross street? I thought that place had finally closed...... nice to know it didn't, if I have the right place in mind.

  5. these are wonderful murals Kate. great find!

  6. This is fun!.
    I can watch this for loooog time in front of it.

  7. Kate, I drove past this drug store today and it is the one I had in mind... neat murals in person, too!

  8. The nickel is still around? haha That is fantastic Kate, to bad things are not still this way, I am sure it won't be long and cash will be obsolete… sad really. Great murals!

  9. Anonymous10:01 PM

    More great murals.. you must have a lot of artistic types in your area! Thanks again Kate.

  10. Kate,
    What's the name of this drug store? My wife has become such a regular visitor to the area I'd like to tell her so she might see it. She just got back from there tonight and goes back again monday evening. It sounds like a great place.


    P S - thanks for the blog visit and prayers

  11. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I love murals like this! Thanks for showing it!

  12. This looks to be the same era that spawned Betty Boop! What fun!


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