Thursday, June 15, 2006

THe Little Engine that Could

What child wouldn't like to play on this train? It's located in a small park at the Orchard Recreation Center, not far from Como Park.


  1. Never mind children, I'd love to play on that train!

    Didier (Zen et Français at posted a comment on my blog saying that perhaps the problems you encountered getting comments accepted may be to do with whether or not your browser is accepting cookies and scripts. Blogger doesn't like it if you deactivate either of those (in your browser preferences).

  2. Oh how cute is that. We have a similar train at the San Antonio Zoo. —Hello from San Antonio Daily Photo.

    By the way Kate I love your profile photo, I also like your icon passante—butterlies are a "thing" with me.

  3. Nice profile and views of the city, which is unfamiliar to me, looks very pretty...


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