Monday, October 08, 2012

Twin City Marathon-Oct. 2012

Bright and Chilly Day
Yell to Support the Runners
Cities Marathon

While watching the runners I was struck by the number of women who were participating.  I later learned that 40% of the runners were women.  Whoooo! Hooooo!
-The coldest Twin City Marathon since 2000.
-Men's Winner: Chris Kipyego-Kenya 
2 hours, 14 min, 53 sec
-Women's Winner: Jeannette Faber, Portland, Oregon-2:32:37
-9.041 runners finished the Marathon, the most in its 31 year history.
-Tyler Sigl of Green Bay, WI led the pack as it dwindled to 15 at the 8-mile mark. 
-As the runners approached mile 21, Kipyego darted away. 
-Kipyego picked up $15,000 as the winner...nice pocket change.


  1. bravo aux coureurs

  2. Wow, woman power, I like the action photos.

  3. Regarding the number of women runners, I think women are more fitness conscious than men. It is part of the greater and discriminatory pressure that society puts on them regarding their appearance and figure. But, in the end, fitness is a good thing.

  4. I like the head band, I run so I can eat. Great pictures. They all look good, I look like I'm dying when I run.

  5. Run to eat? I'd be VERY skinny.

  6. There are a lot of determined faces in these photographs.

  7. That is a pretty nice chunk of change for the winner. I have never run in a marathon but I used to run for exercise. My back and knees won't let me do that now but I can still bicycle for a work out.

  8. Hats Off to the ladies and a salute to the men who participated in this run!

    The record amount of finishers is to be commended!

  9. Great pictures! I enjoy following your site and have added a link to it on my own. Wondering if you'd be interested in adding a link to Thanks!

  10. Great action shots Kate. I'm afraid My old body just wouldn't Make a Marathon.

  11. I wish I were in such good shape! ;))

  12. Nice shots Kate.


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