Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mural

Even trains get tagged
As it whipped by, got this snap
Is it a mural?

To see more Monday Murals, look here.

Second day in Cuba.  Wonder what I'm doing today; wish I had internet access!


  1. I always wonder how these get painted.

  2. This is always the debate: what constitutes a mural? What I've learned through participants in the meme is that creative tags (throw ups) often lead to larger and more complex art over time. I think you should post what you want and see where the debate leads.

    Somehow your post didn't appear in the Linky, so I linked you from my side. Thanks for contributing to Monday Mural.

  3. Of course it's a mural!

    Since 3M, the Great Scot, frequently gets stopped by trains I've become something of a graffiti aficionado.

  4. I would call it wasted talent. Some graffiti artists are very talented.

  5. I would think it was more graffiti. It's a nice shot.

  6. Love tagged trains! Great capture.


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