Sunday, September 30, 2012


Defeat the Amendment
The Right Thing to Do

Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment will appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot in Minnesota as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.[ The measure would define marriage in the Minnesota Constitution as between one man and one woman in the state.

I believe very strongly that the Civil Rights Movement extends out to [LGBT] individuals… We all should have equal rights. We are on the wrong side of history on November 6 by voting for the amendment. It is going to cause barriers and walls to be built up around a segment of our society that is truly deserving of a right to share a piece of the American Dream. I do not agree nor do I support the amendment. Reverend Jacson Moody, Holsey Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church


  1. We have one here in Maine too this November. It's always interesting.

  2. I will never understand how some people can fight against the happiness of others. What are they affraid of? Here, the more christian they call themseves the more they opposed to it, but they lost! Gay marriage won some years ago.

    Great photo and great post, Kate.

  3. I don't understand how a couple living in a house down the street or across the hall in an apartment building is any threat to the marriage of anyone.

    And people who speak of upholding "traditional marriage" based on religious principles need to reflect upon the Bible. What is traditional marriage in the Bible? There was lots of polygamy and slavery in the Bible.

    Thank you for your post. I hope your neighbors in Minnesota live up to the progressive heritage of Hubert Humphrey and so many others from your state.

  4. I'd definitely vote no.

  5. Why would anyone want to pass a law that bans one group of people from personal happiness? I'm with you all the way on this one.

  6. Why should only heterosexuals have the right to be miserable? :-)

  7. Thanks for the big NO Kate!

  8. It is a good NO, no?

  9. Funny! I rode past that yesterday and tried to take a photo from a moving vehicle but failed. I LOVED the creative idea though.


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