Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cathedral of St. Paul

Even though I took these photos on an overcast day, you can see how the
Cathedral dominates the landscape.


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like something in Europe.

  2. It looks like it still has quite a bit of land around it. So many of the beautiful old churches in Toronto have been crowded in by tall buildings. It's a handsome building.

  3. Always appreciate some foreground color.

  4. It's beautiful!

  5. It's a beautiful place inside and out!

  6. I'll always remember driving I-94 through Minneapolis and then St. Paul as this magnificent structure came into view...

    Re your comment on Small City Scenes:

    I've heard somewhere
    You like to paint
    And hate to hear
    That bad word, "ain't."

    I've also heard
    You're very cute
    And sometimes you
    Are rather quaint

    I've also heard
    When duty calls
    You never shirk
    You never faint

    But nonetheless
    Kathryn, dear
    We know that you
    Are not a saint!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  7. A couple of years ago, I took a four lesson Photoshop and learned how to replace a gray sky with a vibrant one, but I have long since forgotten. It would be fun for you to show this in multiple kinds of weather, including blue sky and puffy clouds.

  8. It is so ornate and beautiful.

  9. Impressive and magnificent!

  10. What a beautiful dome.

  11. It pops up above the trees very well. An impressive cathedral.

  12. I have a feeling the cathedral would dominate whatever the weather Kate.. tres belle architecture.


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