Tuesday, January 06, 2009

100 Strangers Project-My #1

My interest was recently piqued by Virginia's (Birmingham, Al) informal 100 Strangers Project, which she has modified from the original that is sponsored by Flickr. With her help and my own scouting around, I found some guidelines publicized at the formal 100 Strangers site. For some representative portraits and the guidelines, click here. Now I'm looking forward to meeting and photographing Stranger #2.

My first "portrait" is of Alex (Alexandra) with whom I spoke at the Minneapolis Minnehaha Dog Park that DH and I visited for the first time on Friday. Alex has been going there for about 4 years, or longer, and gave me some tips about the location of wildlife in the enormous park: chickadees and other birds,including an owl who is a regular visitor. The large woods is a perfect spot for walking, playing with dogs, and photographing the scenery: nature, people, and pooches. The dogs our Maggi met were of all sizes and breeds; Maggi ran with many of her kind for about 50 minutes...almost non-stop! What a treat and good exercise for us as we walked this spot that borders the Mississippi River. Hope to visit often to make new canine friends and to meet more strangers!

"On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers."
- Adlai E. Stevenson


  1. "Fais bon accueil aux étrangers, car toi aussi, tu seras un étranger." Ikor.
    C'est une bonne initiative, portrait sympathique.
    "Be welcoming to foreigners, because you, you're a foreigner." IKOR.
    It is a good initiative, sympathetic portrait.

  2. Great shot for the beginning of such an interesting project!

  3. Nice portrait!

    Thanks for the visiting and comment. My son who took these photos thinks that the crowd was principally tourists and wedding party friends too.


  4. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Good luck on this project, Kate. I would not have the patience to do this. I could maybe do it with birds but then I have already done it with birds. LOL

  5. oh hi, I didn't realise you were posting again, YAY! Happy Happy New Year Kate, do hope it is a vast improvement on last year, full of fun, joy, health, peacefulness and fascinating experiences! I love this idea of 100 strangers, will follow the link and check it out, your 1st is FAB!

  6. Excellent candid shot, Kate. What a marvellous face.
    The park sounds a fascinating place. I hope you're going to post more about it..

  7. I really like this portrait. You've definitely captured something here. Nice work!

  8. Very nice post, portrait and quote too, Kate!

  9. Now you are just showing me up Kate! Virginia and D.C Confidential have been twisting my arm to join in with this challenge. I want to do it but I'm not brave enough to go up to strangers (a floor in the challenge!) I really try but its just not happening for me. Any tips? Email me if you like. All help gratefully received!

    Btw, great first photo :)

  10. Great that you have decided to take part. Doing the 100 Strangers Project was the best thing that's happened to me over at flickr!

  11. Nice portrait and a great beginning to your project. I used to visit Steffe in Haninge, Sweden DCPB who did the same project last year.


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