Sunday, January 11, 2009

100 Strangers #3-Kathleen

As I was leaving my table at a Barnes and Noble bookstore, Kathleen asked to sit there so she could use her laptop. Originally from the Twin Cities she now lives in northern Wisconsin. She was visiting a friend who works in a near-by guitar shop, teaching music. It's a small world: I was born and reared in northeastern Wisconsin, live in the Cities and have a friend who gives lessons in the same guitar shop.


  1. How about that.

    I think it is something like you begin to think about getting a new car and one of the reasons is you never see that make or model on the roads.

    So you pick it out and drive it home and on the way you see dozens of the same model and make in different colors passing you.

    It happens to me and Patty every time we get a new one. Which is once in about ten years. LOL.

  2. Now that is a bunch of coincidences. Don’t you love stuff like that?

  3. Funny the connections found when one looks.

  4. Yes, we live in a small world, full of coincidences!


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