Thursday, August 14, 2008

#26-Bandelier-Final New Mexico Vacation Posts

Bandelier National Monument probably was my favorite spot during our too-brief vacation. It has an antiquity with corresponding spirituality that appealed to me. The large picture is a reconstruction of a Talus house that were built on the rock debris (talus) slopes on the sunny sides of canyons and mesas. The small photo is an archeological stabilization (see the blue tents?) of Tyhonyi, on the floor of Frijoles Canyon, which was occupied at the same time as the dwellings that were built along the base of the cliff.


  1. I love this place and I haven't been in a long time. I may have to make a road trip.

  2. This is an archeological wonder kate. I'm so glad you were able to see it and are regaining your health.

  3. Another wonder of the world? Neat. You had a great vacation here.

  4. That must be a fantastic place! It reminds me of Capadoccia in Turkey, where I've been a few years ago...

  5. The blue tents actually show where they are stabilizing the dwellings. The only reconstructions at Bandelier are the Talus house you spoke about and the kiva in Alcove House. The rest they just attempt to keep stabilized in as close to the original shape when they were excavated as possible.

    And Capadoccia is one of the only other places in the world where the people actually carved homes out of rock!

    Excuse my random post, I have a Google alert for Bandelier because I used to work there.

  6. Great picture! Looks a fantastic place.


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